About Julliad Music

Julliad School of performing arts was established on 2005 by a group of professional musicians with determination to make a change in the quality and availability of music education and performance opportunities for children and adults.

We organized with these purposes in mind:

• Provide for the teaching, study, practice, and performance of instrumental and vocal music for children and adults

• Provide public and private schools supplemental music education courses to further enhance their own offerings;

• Provide musicians of all ages and abilities the opportunity to come together for ensemble, orchestral, and chorale readings and recitals;

• Directly engage in and provide facilities for ourselves and others to provide instruction, practice, and performance in music.

Our mission is to:

• Foster active collaboration with private music teachers and school music programs, with the goal in view of a community Music School to provide space for the study, practice, and performance of all types of instrumental and vocal music.

• Build programs that will not only enhance music education for children and adults, but also provide a means for aspiring music educators, conductors, and players to remain in this area.