Our Courses

Our year-long accredited music courses give you the opportunity to take Trinity Guildhall graded examination as well as ABRSM graded examination. As we are official appointed as Trinity Guildhall examination venue for our students, we offer a variety of music theory courses to prepare you for the Associated Board’s music theory graded exams, and workshops for building songwriters.

With our group of highly professional team of award winning musicians, we offer music courses as below:

• Piano (Classical – Pop / Modern Style – Music Theory)
• Violin / Viola / Cello
• Guitar (Classical – Acoustic – Jazz – Blues – Electric)
• Flute / Oboe / Clarinet / Drum
• Vocal (Classical – Pop Karaoke – Individual / Group)
• Professional Course (History of Western Music – Music Appreciation)

We always try to uncovered a music talent in each of our student and helped them gain the confidence they both needed to grow as musicians. By using a variety of techniques to help our students grasp the abstract concepts of rhythm, harmony, dissonance, musical “color” and much more.

We believes learning music is about patience, kindness, playfulness and genuine caring. By constantly encouraging them through praise and empathy, our teachers are able to keep them motivated and excited to learn challenging pieces. Always looking for ways to keep their interest in music alive, we go beyond the lessons by organizing recitals, setting up master classes, and sending notices about upcoming performance by notable musicians as well as participation in stage performance.