Julliad Music, the Exclusive Sole Distributor of KINGSBURG Piano is proud to present our wonderful range of KINGSBURG Piano. All Kingsburg pianos have been designed by well-known piano designer Klaus Fenner, and include components sourced from around the world, such as Made in Germany Röslau piano wire and Abel hammers, Detoa or Renner actions, and Japanese tuning pins. Interesting design features include longer keys on upright models for more grand-like performance, brass-bar duplex scale, and the company's exclusive Tri Board solid spruce soundboard, which, for better bass tone and improved tuning stability, is unattached to the piano back at the bottom.

The unique feature in this piano includes

- Germany Abel Hammer

- Inner Hydraulic Descent Controller

- Germany "Roslau" Strings

- Czech "Detoa" Action.

The playing experience is simply extraordinary with an emotional range extending from the heartiest fortissimo to the most delicate and nuanced pianissimo. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

Dealers and Resellers are welcome!!

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